The Carbon Capture Company Backed by Bill Gates and Big Oil

A BC company is building the technology to do the work of 40 million trees at an economical price. This company - Carbon Engineering - is backed by Bill Gates, Chevron, BHP and Occidental.

The technology basically sucks CO2 out of the atmosphere and converts it into a usable product, like synthetic fuel and carbon pellets. Once thought to be too expensive to be feasible, the carbon capture and sequestration process is becoming viable as it approaches $100 per ton of CO2.

Scientific Community Debate Over Carbon Capture Technology

While a large portion of the scientific community argues that carbon capture is an essential tool (among many) to help the world meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, some disagree with the morals behind such a technology. They argue that carbon capture technology merely provides implicit permission for polluters to keep polluting.

While I don't disagree, I believe there is no current initiative underway to viably stop polluters from polluting anyway. The world is still dependent on oil, consumption isn't declining, CO2 emissions continue to grow, solar and nuclear aren't replacing coal fast enough. Carbon capture is the ONLY tool for now. We need many more tools, but currently this is all we've got.

While it won't put an end to CO2 emissions, at a minimum carbon capture and sequestration buys the world time to make the appropriate transitions to the consumption based economy.

The following video explains what Carbon Engineering is and what they're trying to build.
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