8 Reasons to Stop Eating Beef

  1. Beef production produces 6.6 pounds of CO2 per serving. Chicken produces 1.2, potatoes 0.03
  2. 12-16 pounds of grain and soy are needed to produce one pound of grain-fed beef
  3. Pounds of edible product that can be produced on an acre of prime land: Apples 20,000; Carrots 30,000; Potatoes 40,000; Tomatoes 50,000; Beef 250
  4. The number of gallons of water needed to produce one pound of edible product: Apples 49; Carrots 33; Potatoes 24; Tomatoes 23; Beef 2,500
  5. 35 pounds of topsoil are lost in the production of one pound of grain-fed beef
  6. Animal agriculture is a chief contributor to water pollution. America’s farm animals produce 10 times the waste produced by the human population
  7. 50% of all the antibiotics used in the US are fed to animals, and 80% of them are used to promote growth, not to treat disease
  8. If Americans reduced their intake of meat by merely 10%, 100,000,000 people could be fed using the land, water and energy that would be freed up from growing livestock feed

Beef production also creates the most CO2:

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