If Humanity Won't Trust Science “We Have No Way of Making it Into the Future”

You've probably met this person: The 'climate change denier'.

They point to pseudo-science and political rhetoric when they argue that climate change isn't happening or that it isn't man-made. Their arguments seem to evolve over time, ranging from the solar cycle to winter storms. In a perfect example of overconfidence bias, they are somehow convinced they know better than the 97% of experts who agree that climate change is happening and that it is man-made.

In contrast, they trust the science behind their cell phones. They trust the science of air bag deployment. They trust the science behind flight. Yet, somehow they don't trust the science behind climate change.

The attack on intelligence that is incompatible with the climate change denier's worldview is getting stronger with every advancement of populist movements. People - especially those facing inconvenient circumstances - are easily won over with catchy soundbites that undermine expertise.

Hundreds of years ago, scientists who claimed the earth revolved around the sun were silenced. Any scientist that did not align with the narratives told by the powers of the day was cast aside. Frequently they were killed. Today, we are again entering a new dark age for humanity where science is gradually being forced to conform to power-based agendas. Only only has to look at the handcuffs being placed on the EPA as proof.

In the podcast below, former MIT President Susan Hockfield argues “We have to insist on an understanding that there are people who understand areas better than we do. I don’t pretend to be an engineer. I don’t pretend to be a physicist. If the physicists at MIT tell me that they’ve figured out gravitational waves, I’m going to trust them more than I’m going to trust myself to imagine whether or not there are gravitational waves.”

We need to rely on the experts that have devoted tens of thousands of ours to complicated subject matter. These are the same types of people who helped progress mankind by developing the many innovations we take for granted. They helped us get to the moon and win the cold war; they invented microwave ovens and CD players.

Bottom line: If we stop trusting science, we stop human progress.
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