Doug Ford Uses Taxpayer Funds to Attack Carbon Tax

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is hypocritically using tax dollars to fund attack ads against the new Canadian carbon tax, arguing it removes money from Ontario taxpayers.

The video below was posted to Twitter by Ford, pointing at the nominal extra money individuals will have to pay for some goods and services (e.g. gasoline) by 2022. To put it into perspective, the $0.05/litre new tax on gas amounts to $5 every 100 litres. That is a small a mount to add to the weekly gas budget for the good of the planet.

Of course, only pointing to the tax is missing the other half of the equation. What he conveniently leaves out is the offsetting rebates taxpayers will receive.

According to the Toronto Star, the Provincial Auditor General is not happy with Ford's ad:
Provincial auditor general Bonnie Lysyk is giving a thumbs-down to Premier Doug Ford’s new taxpayer-funded TV commercial that attacks the federal government’s carbon-pricing measures. 
The fiscal watchdog’s office said Monday the ad “would not have passed the auditor general’s review under the former version of the Government Advertising Act because it doesn’t include all the relevant facts.”

The carbon tax is good tax policy and is supported by economists as one of the key tools to fight climate change. If you want people to buy less of something, make it more expensive - this is Economics 101.

Canada's new carbon tax puts a price on carbon. CO2 emissions (and other forms of pollution) have been free far too long, resulting in the mess we're in today. The real cost of polluting the planet must be incorporated into prices if we are to slow it down.

These attack ads are a waste of taxpayer money. Especially because most Canadian citizens support a tax on things that do harm (alcohol, cigarettes...and pollution). This is what the people want, so why is the self proclaimed "man of the people" attacking it?

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