A Change of Climate in the Media?

A perfect storm of activism, science and politics pushes the biodiversity crisis up the news agenda. Plus, patriotism in Chinese cinema, past and present. A change of climate in the media?

It is one of those news stories, maybe the only one, that seems almost too big to cover: climate change and the scientific consensus that the planet is almost at the point of no return. The evidence is overwhelming.

A UN report last week warned that roughly one million plant and animal species face extinction. News outlets struggle to find the right way to cover the story, the relentless onslaught of the evidence – the data. But there are signs that things are changing.

Corporate media, which have fed off natural disasters, floods and famines, while shying away from larger, causal issues, are now starting to examine and link the global economic system to an issue that has brought us to the brink. Movements like Extinction Rebellion and terms like the Green New Deal are trending – and for far longer than the standard 24-hour news cycle.

Are the news media finally giving the climate change story the coverage it deserves?

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