8 Most Important Climate Change Articles of the Week

1. The future of humanity is under threat from the widespread destruction of the Earth’s plants and animals by people, leading scientists will warn in a dramatic report.

2. Permafrost in some areas of the Canadian Arctic is thawing so fast that it's gulping up the equipment left there to study it.

3. The End of Ice: “A willingness to live without hope allows me to accept the heartbreaking truth of our situation, however calamitous it is."

4. Prague bans single-use plastic at music festivals.

5. A right to repair bill that would have forced manufacturers selling electronic devices and other consumer products in Ontario to provide consumers and small businesses with the tools and knowledge to repair brand-name gadgets is officially dead. The failed vote follows lobbying against the legislation from major tech companies including Apple, according to the bill’s sponsor.

6. The House approved its first climate change bill in nearly a decade Thursday, legislation that would prevent President Donald Trump from making good on his vow to withdraw from an international agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Approved by a 231-190 vote, H.R. 9 has little chance of passing the Republican-controlled Senate and has provoked a veto threat from the White House. No Democrats voted against the measure and three Republicans voted in favor.

7. Beto O’Rourke now has the most robust climate proposal of any 2020 presidential candidate.

8. Instead of hoping market forces solve the climate crisis, the government needs to stop giving tax breaks to polluters.

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