Survey Results: Existential Dread Among Those Growing More Concerned About Climate Change

Personally, I have always been concerned about climate change. But the IPCC report that was released in October of 2018 really woke me up. The report suggested humanity only has 12 years left to figure out how to prevent the worst climate change catastrophes from occurring. I felt like a fire had been lit under me. Suddenly, I found myself worrying about existential risk within my lifetime.

I wanted to know if I was alone in my heightened existential dread over the past year, so I created the following survey.

The purpose of the survey was  a) to see what proportion of people experienced heightened concern over the past year, and b) of those who said they had heightened concern, to see how acute those concerns were.

The first question filtered the original list of respondents according to whether or not they became more concerned about climate change over the past year...76% answered 'yes'.

Of those who were more concerned, 64% are very concerned and 31% think humanity is doomed.

Of those with heightened concern, the vast majority (80%+) felt the planet will see mass starvation, major flooding, major storms and wars caused by climate change.

Of those more concerned, 56% feel things will get very bad for civilization by 2030. This is well-within the lifetimes of many people living today.

By now you see a pattern. Those who have become increasingly concerned about climate change over the past year are VERY worried about our future survival. Consequently, 84% of respondents believe climate change should be a top government priority right now.

Honestly, this was a rough survey. It's not scientific whatsoever. However, it provides a glimpse into the minds of those affected by rising awareness of climate change.

Stay tuned for more...

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  1. People should stop voting Tory, Conservative, and Republican, as these are all neo-liberal agents, acting solely to look after the interests of Big-Money, against the interests of the People and the Planet.

    1. Except for some reason people are convinced to vote against their own self interests.