Adidas Takes Amazing Step Towards Circularity

If step one to fighting climate change is to buy less crap, step two is definitely to support products from companies that close the sustainability loop and take full ownership of the waste they produce. 

Idealists may scoff at the notion of a multinational mass producer of stuff most people don't need doing good for the environment, but I think it's better than nothing. Indeed, it is better than what 99.99% of other mass producers of consumer goods are doing.

So maybe instead of criticizing them for not doing enough, we should praise the lead Adidas is taking with their 'Futureloop' shoes. These shoes close the birth-to-death-to-birth product loop: they are made, sold, used, and then sent back to Adidas to be broken down and reused to make another pair of new shoes.

Can you imagine if other shoe companies, clothing lines, toy manufacturers, and so on took full ownership of the negative externalities created by their products. We would actually make the world a better place. And if that catches on, perhaps new ideas would generate as society rewards those that do good.

Perhaps these new ideas help to form a new type of consumption in which consumers crave goods and services that provide social benefits, thus increasing the longevity of human civilization. Perhaps they crave these social benefits because conspicuous consumption of planet destroying products is shunned and considered as vulgar as racism or sexism is today. So companies jockey to provide goods and services that are seen as the most socially beneficial, in a new twist to the term:

'survival of the fittest'

After all, these are all social constructs to which we apply our own mass morals. Morals evolve. There was a time not too long ago that both racism and sexism were perfectly acceptable. We have changed our thinking on what's acceptable. We can change again.

Documentary (5min)

Adidas Futureloop Promo

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