Moderate Republicans Have the Opportunity of a Generation

Now is the perfect time for a Republican to break ranks and announce a primary challenge as a more moderate and credible candidate. This move would strengthen the probability a Republican wins the 2020 Presidential race.

There is a massive opportunity to restore the traditional Reaganesque values of the Republican party - small government, free markets, openly hating Roe v Wade - while shedding the weight of scandal and vitriol. A straight-shooting white guy that understands world history and values the institutions of global capitalism would win back moderate conservatives who are contemplating abstaining or even voting Democrat. These people haven't lost their traditional Republican values, but they won't re-elect a traitor. However, if they were presented with reason to stay these folks would happily vote Red.

A more moderate Republican candidate would ensure moderate conservatives don't make the switch. Moreover, a moderate Republican may even attract center-left Democrats as the party's choice of candidates are veering closer to socialism.

This should be a comparatively juicy challenge, yet no moderate Republicans are running. Why? 

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