Life Hack Number One

Do you envy masters at their trade? Michael Jordan, Stephen Spielberg, Yoda. Getting to their level takes focus and's how you can do it:

Step 1: List the 25 things that are most meaningful to you. Your list might include stuff like "family", "running", "dogs", "Tibetan literature", "building PowerPoint decks", and so on.

Step 2: Sort the 25 things in order of importance to you. Some items might be difficult to order, but try to be as accurate as you can.

Step 3: Stop doing the bottom 20 things! Forever. Just stop. Yes, only do the top 5 things. Get it? You'll never be able to do 25 things really well. If you spread your energy across everything in your original list, you'll be mediocre at all 25 things. However, if you cut the bottom 20 things from your life and only focus on the top 5, you'll eventually become great at those 5 things.


++ If you have 11 minutes to shut out the incessant noise and blindly trip, listen to the prophetic Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me". This Soul Purrfection mix extends the original melancholic tribute to Mother Earth and reaction to the Vietnam War. The war may be over, but unfortunately the sentiment remains just as relevant today.

Whoa, ah, mercy mercy me Oh things ain't what they used to be, no no Where did all the blue skies go? Poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east Whoa mercy, mercy me, Oh things ain't what they used to be, no no Oil wasted on the oceans and upon our seas, fish full of mercury Ah, oh mercy, mercy me Ah things ain't what they used to be, no no Radiation under ground and in the sky Animals and birds who live nearby are dying Oh mercy, mercy me Oh things ain't what they used to be What about this overcrowded land How much more abuse from man can she stand? Oh, no no, na, na na, na My sweet Lord, na, na, na My Lord, my sweet Lord

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