The Probability of Your Existence is Nearly Zero

Edit: you know, I'm a bit zoned out right now so I've written this in one shot with zero edits (except this 'edit' section). Not going to even check for spelling. Let me know what you think.

Think about all the things that had to have happened throughout history for you to be sitting on your chair right now reading this on a computer screen.

Your parents had to meet, their parents had to meet, and so on. But I'm going further than that.

  • Mankind needed to discover agriculture so we could produce enough food for billions of people to be born.
  • Apes needed to walk on hind legs and leave the savanna. 
  • Dinosaurs needed to be wiped out to clear the way for smaller, more adaptable mammals to rise up. 
  • Two minuscule objects relative to the entire universe - Earth and an asteroid - needed to improbably meet just at the right time in a collision that killed those dinosaurs. One day's difference would mean dinosaurs would still rule the planet. 
  • Single cell creatures needed to evolve into complex organisms with automated internal operating systems for digesting food, breathing and distributing life's essentials throughout the body. 
  • The primordial soup somehow needed to chemically react to spontaneously create life. 
  • The planet needed the right conditions to support life, requiring it to be in the Goldilocks zone of the solar system that is neither too hot nor too cold. 
  • The big bang had to explode and distribute its energy and matter in the exact way it did in order for everything above to happen. 

The probability of your existence is nearly zero. The probability that you exist at a time in human history during which we can live in level of luxury not even Kings of millennia past could attain is even closer to zero.

You are extremely lucky to be given a chance at life and to experience things that space dust, moons and black holes never will. Your ability to see, hear, touch the world you and achieve mind-blowing orgasms was never supposed to happen. There is a probability we are it for the the entire universe's chance at ever containing intelligent life.

So what are you doing with this precious gift called life?

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