Test: Do you Even Adult?

One of my kids recently asked, “when do you become an adult?”
At first, I gave the standard answer: 18.
But then I thought back to myself at 18…I was definitely not what I’d consider an ‘adult’.
So when do you start adulting? When you can drive? When you can vote? When you can drink? When you can be incarcerated for life?
After some thought, I’ve concluded you become an adult once you embrace responsibility.
Here’s a little test to determine whether you’re an adult:
1.  1. Do your parents still help with monthly bills?
2.   2. Do you ASK your parents for money?
3.   3. Are you free as a bird with zero dependents or accountabilities?
4.   4. Do you usually prioritize yourself over others or over your responsibilities?
5.   5. Do you act today at the expense of ‘future you’?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re probably not really an adult.
What’s your definition of being an adult?

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