Are People Actually Happy at Work?

Sometimes I have candid conversations with the few trustworthy friends I have at work and they all seem like they want to shoot themselves.

Indeed, I read a stat today that about half of all Canadian workers are miserable. That's about what I'd expect. But for some reason - outside of my tiny clique - my workplace seems to defy the norm. But not in the way you'd expect.

Everyone is a company champion!

We've got people cheering on the crowds in team meetings, championing shit on the internal social media platform, broadcasting their personal pride, baking cookies for our "leaders" and so on.

Outside of my small circle of confidants, I would suggest that 75% of people at my work are fucking ecstatic to be there. What gives?

The reality is the place is a soul-sucking bureaucracy that makes the government look like the model of efficiency. As part of a Canadian oligopoly, the company thrives despite repeatedly tripping on its own tail. Fuck me if the regulators ever allow for any real competition.

So why is everyone so happy? 

Is everyone just making the best of a shitty situation? Do they take pride in what they can control? Are they brainwashed into thinking they're curing cancer? Are they on drugs?

Probably all of the above.

I, on the other hand, can't get around the madness of it all.

If I put my underwear on right, I can focus on the nuggets of work I actually enjoy. I can also recognize my employment is a means to an end - namely, food and shelter. I like shelter, therefore I can tolerate my job.

But let's be real - I'm not skipping through the fields of cubicles.

I'm crusty. And I'm an introvert. I think that's a deadly combination because when I get pissy I retreat into my personal cave and minimize interactions with the world, leaving me alone with my crusty thoughts wondering why everyone else is so fucking happy.

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