Controllable Wins

Your coworkers are jerks? You sister got more in the will? CEOs get pay raises while workers are stiffed? Your team sucks? You're broke?

Shit happens. And a lot of that shit is totally unfair. The sooner you accept it the better.

The effort you expend on trying to change things beyond your control is wasted. All it does is stress you out and make you angry.

Instead, focus on 'controllable wins'. These are the things that you can - with some time and effort - actually influence and change.

What is generally within your control?

- Your fitness

- Your interactions with others

- Your knowledge

- Your spending habits

- Your emotions

There is so much depressing, crazy shit happening in the world. You can waste hours worrying about things beyond your control causing you to feel helpless and hopeless.

By instead focusing on 'wins' under your control you can boost your self confidence and esteem.

Some examples of controllable wins:

- Exercise 30 minutes a day for a month

- Do something nice for someone every day

- Learn something daily by listening to an informative podcast during your commute

- Try going 2 weeks without buying any unnecessary items

- Next time someone angers you, hold back your aggression and keep your emotions under control

All these actions are within your control.

Achieving a just a couple of these controllable wins will help you build confidence and balance the negative crap that's beyond your influence.

Start today by choosing something simple, small and manageable. Write down your goal. Then do it!

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