Spineless Leaders

Just an observation...there are two types of business leaders. Which kind are you?

  • They listen to varied insights and opinions, but ultimately hold the compass and choose the direction for their business. 
  • They make confident decisions and strategic choices based on deep research, analysis and experience. 
  • While not rigid, they are respectfully vocal about their opinions and stick to their conviction as long as the research supports it. 
  • Ultimately, they'd rather be respected than liked.
  • They do what's right for the business.

  • They decentralize decision-making into a democratic process by which everyone gets a say, one way or another. 
  • To avoid career risk, decisions are made by committee consensus, leading to watered-down, unremarkable and unoriginal strategic choices. 
  • They aim to please their colleagues and prioritize political moves over sound business decisions. 
  • Their decisions are based on the opinions of people with whom they wish to nurture personal relationships. 
  • They are insecure and lack meaningful skill, and - instead of developing core competencies - spend much of their time playing political chess and ducking accountability.  
  • They spend an inordinate amount of time trying to show people they are important to their company.
  • Ultimately, they'd rather be liked than respected.
  • They do what's right for them.

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