Are We Just a Bunch of Whiners?


Are we all just a bunch of fucken' whiners?

We complain about our jobs in air conditioned glass towers. We complain we have so much goddam shit to do. We complain that Netflix raised their price by a dollar. We complain our pay sucks. We complain dicks get ahead in life. We complain about traffic. We complain about laundry.

This includes me.

I have no right to complain. I live in the greatest time to be alive. Here's why:

  • I'm probably not going to get cholera and die from unstoppable diarrhea.
  • I can watch anything I want anytime I want. And I mean ANYTHING!
  • In one month hosers can buy an ounce of bud in a fucking variety store.
  • I'm 95% sure I don't work in a coal mine.
  • If I'm hungry I can drive to a 24hr McDonalds. If I can't afford McDonalds the government will give me money for McDonalds. (Yeah, that's probably not entirely accurate.)
  • I can eat garbage on the daily, have a BMI of 30 and still probably live to age 70. 
  • Pipes go through the ground and air to send me fresh water, natural gas, electricity and, most importantly, WIFI. 
  • Nobody I know has been eaten by a lion.
  • I have rad people in my life.
  • Most of my body parts do what I need them to.
I should stop complaining. I was born at the right time and lucky to live in a progressive, peaceful society. This race is just a game. I need to enjoy it and have fun.

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