Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang on Climate Change: "Oh Man, It's Bleak"

1 May 2018; Andrew Yang, Democratic Presidential Candidate on centre stage during day one of Collision 2018 at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile

During a recent Reditt AMA, Presidential candidate Andrew Yang was asked about climate change: 

u/pangea89: You've talked about how the US only accounts for 15% of global emissions, so any real solution to climate change needs to be global, not just American, solution. What kind of policies/diplomacy would a Yang presidency implement to achieve this?  
u/andrewyangubi: Thank you for this.  
Oh man, it's bleak. We would need to not just curtail our emissions rapidly, we would also need to export clean energy technology to developing countries as fast as possible and get their emissions down. In China, they're taking their dirty power plants and shipping them to Africa and countries that are earlier in the development chain.  
The reality is that for any developing country, they will be most interested in the most cost effective way to get as much energy as possible. We would need to dramatically improve the appeal of solar/wind/hydroelectric energy to make them a viable choice in many environments. And yes, this includes nuclear energy, which has come a long way and in my opinion needs to be part of the solution. Ideally, the US becomes a massive exporter of these solutions, possibly subsidized to make them more appealing.  
I'm for rejoining the Paris Accords obviously and implementing a carbon fee and dividend that should rise over time. Investing hundreds of billions in an upgraded infrastructure would also help.  
The difficulty of dramatically reversing the rise in global emissions is one reason why I am so passionate about other ways we can mitigate the effects of climate change. We should plant hundreds of thousands of trees as fast as possible. We should study seeding oceans. We should even research what it would take to lower the temperature of the Earth in various ways, including aerosols. Scientists in various countries are already studying and working on this - I would organize conferences and resources to formalize the research in this area.  
It's going to get rough in the years to come, unfortunately. But there is a lot we can do that would help.
And there you have it. Andrew Yang: A candidate that gets that climate change is a major problem.

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  1. It is too late. Any efforts to cut human released greenhouse gases is just so much nonsense and wasted effort. The Greenhouse gases being released from the melting permafrost are driving the "SHOW." The "SHOW" is about human extinction from ABRUPT GLOBAL HEATING!