Climate Change Q&A: Ask the Experts

CBC recently held a live Q&A (29min) to answer viewer questions about global climate change, how it's affecting Canada and what you can do about it. Panelists include Nicole Mortillaro, CBC News science reporter, Ulrich Wortmann, professor of Earth Sciences, and Mark Winfield, environmental policy expert.

I think this Q&A is a reasonable approach to getting some balanced answers to the climate change concerns many people have but were afraid to ask.

While climate change is becoming a hot topic in the media, for some reason very few talk about it in daily conversation. Yes, I've heard a couple casual mentions - perhaps as a component of a broader list of general worries - but few conversations get into any depth. People aren't showing how worried they are. They aren't describing what their plans are. They're avoiding the issue.

Therefore the only 'voices' many people hear are those of the media. And it's no surprise that many of these media voices have ulterior motives that can skew reporting.

Some sell hype, some pander to ad clients, others are owned by large conglomerates that benefit from the status quo. It truly is hard to assess what is real and what is not.

Hopefully this Q&A provides a less biased (it's still media, but the range of participants can help balance the discussion) picture of what's happening out there.

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