Toronto Company Reducing Garbage by Reviving an Old Concept: Soap Refills

When you buy a car it comes with a gas tank. When the gas tank is empty you don't go back to the dealership to replace the tank with a new go to the gas station to refill the tank.

It wasn't that long ago that this concept was more commonplace for a wider variety of consumer products. Milk bottles come to mind. Yet, it today's wasteful society - encouraged by low cost and convenience - we toss away every package that comes our way, regardless of condition.

Saponetti: The Soap Refill Delivery Service

 A Toronto company is changing that. Saponetti is introducing a shop where consumers refill their used soap, laundry, etc. containers.

Why is Saponetti doing this:
"Each time we buy a bottle of liquid soap, another plastic container becomes destined for the blue bin, where it enters a big, dirty waste stream. Less than 11 per cent of Canada’s plastics get recycled. Almost all of it is made from petroleum oil, so there’s a sizeable percentage of geopolitics in every gram of the stuff. And all that recycling requires trucks and facilities that burn energy and generate waste and pollution."
As you can see in the graphics below, Saponetti plans to bypass the traditional lifecyle of a soap bottle to avoid tons of extra garbage and CO2 emissions.

While the store is new and niche, I can't see why the idea wouldn't catch on quickly - particularly in a dense urban centre like Toronto. Saponetti is leading the way, but if the idea takes off you can be sure other stores or product lines will offer something similar.

Let's make sure this concept catches on. Show Saponetti your support by visiting their store or contacting them for more information!

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