Map of Flood Risks in Major Global Cities

Do you currently live in a flood prone area? Whether you live inland or in a coastal city you may be at risk. All cities tend to be located near bodies of water - lakes, oceans, rivers - that pose a significant risk of flooding. 

FM Global has conducted extensive research—building on the data and experience of noted governmental and research organizations—to develop a Global Flood Map that identifies areas exposed to moderate- or high-hazard flooding.

The Global Flood Map is based on a physical model. The model recreates what actually happens when rain falls or snow melts by incorporating phenomena such as soil infiltration, water runoff and evaporation. This model is then calibrated against known river flows for accuracy. It is an initial flood assessment tool that is not intended to replace more detailed local flood resources or a hydrological study.

Below are flood maps for selected major cities around the world. The pink shading represents areas that are susceptible to 100 year floods.

Chicago Flood Zones

London Flood Zones
 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Flood Zones
Manila Flood Zones
Montreal Flood Zones
Moscow Flood Zones
 New York City
New York City Flood Zones
Paris Flood Zones
Toronto Flood Zones

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