Global First: UK Parliament Declares 'Environment and Climate Emergency'

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to Extinction Rebellion after U.K. government declare a climate emergency.

So what's next for Extinction Rebellion? Is this victory? I think not.

According to Earther, the Extinction Rebellion's reaction to Parliament's decision is exuberance, but there's still more to be done:
“They are starting to tell the truth,” Liam Geary Baulch, a campaigner with Extinction Rebellion said in a WhatsApp group message. He said the group will continue to press the government to meet its other demands, which include getting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and creating a “Citizens’ Assembly” on climate to ensure any decisions are made in consultation with the people who will be impacted by them.
It is time to call on other governments around the world to match the UK's lead. Contact your local MP, Congressman or Senator in your country and let them know they need to declare a climate emergency.

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