All the Climate Change Charts You Could Ever Need

The following is a comprehensive posting of dynamic climate change charts, showing global and country trends dating as far back as possible.

(Note: the data is dynamically linked, so the charts can take a moment to load.)

Global Temperature Anomaly:

Cumulative CO2 Emissions:
Share of Cumulative Global CO2 Emissions:
Annual CO2 Emissions:
Annual Share of CO2 Emissions:
Per Capita CO2 Emissions:
CO2 Emissions by Source:
CO2 Emissions by Sector:
Annual CO2 Emissions by Region:
Cumulative CO2 Emissions by Region:
Global Atmospheric CO2 Concentration:
Atmospheric CO2 Concentration:
Global Warming Potential of Various Greenhouse Gases:
Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Gas Type:
CO2 Emissions by Sector:
Methane Emissions by Sector:
Nitrous Oxide Emissions by Sector:
Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector:
CO2 Intensity of the Global Economy:

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