Buildings Cause 33% of CO2 Emissions

Buildings cause over 30% of the world’s carbon emissions, making them the largest single source of carbon emissions because they consume about 40% of the world’s energy. More than 70% of all buildings were built before the first energy crisis in the 1970’s, which creates an enormous market for improving their energy efficiency.

Bluenote is launching the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. It creates a decentralized ecosystem which allows building operators around the world to learn from one another how to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence.

The project will unlock billions in value and create millions of jobs:

  • $279 billion could be invested in retrofitting the residential, commercial, and institutional market segments in the US (note: this is the size of just the US market) 
  • This investment could yield more than $1 trillion in energy savings over 10 years, equivalent to savings of approximately 30 percent of the annual electricity spent in the United States. 
  • If all of these retrofits were undertaken, more than 3.3 million job years could be created. 
  • Additionally, if all of these retrofits were successfully undertaken, it would reduce U.S. emissions by nearly 10%. 
  • $6.5 trillion dollars in global real-estate asset value could be unlocked.

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